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Dr. Gregory Brown
Written by Dr. Gregory Brown

Dr. Gregory Brown is the VP of Process Engineering for VELO3D. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Case Western Reserve University in materials science and earned Master’s of Science and a PhD degree in Materials Science from University of California, Berkeley.

Industries don’t use parts that they don’t trust. Features that cannot be inspected get designed out even if they improve performance. Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a complex, multi-system process. Even when everything in a build seems OK, things can still go wrong. And, many times, we don’t find out until after the inspection.

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As companies work with metal AM in prototyping and project work, they realize the value of a high quality in-situ metrology system. To retain top performance and enable metal AM to move into production, we have to solve the Quality Control challenge.
Learn how VELO3D’s in-situ metrology suite and new defect detection capabilities enable unprecedented, layer-by-layer visibility into metal AM part formation. In this webinar we provide a preview of the new generation in defect detection inherent in VELO3D’s solution.


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