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Gene Miller
Written by Gene Miller

Gene Miller is a Senior Applications Engineer for VELO 3D.  He joined in 2016 as a process engineer working on developing SupportFree metal AM processes. Prior to joining VELO 3D, he held various positions in foundry and process engineering. Gene holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. 

VELO3D unlocks manufacturing for optimized designs that control the flow of fluids and the transfer of heat. These parts often feature complex internal geometries too difficult for conventional manufacturing. This forces engineers to compromise on performance to enable manufacturability. However, by intelligently applying the right principles and the latest metal AM technology, engineers can eliminate this compromise and achieve maximum part performance.

This week we join Stratasys Direct Manufacturing to discuss the top design features that innovators need to know when selecting or designing parts that are right for metal additive manufacturing. 

Watch the recorded session to learn more:



This webinar covers:

1) The role of stress in metal additive manufacturing

2) Improved tolerances for higher performance

3) New capabilities for more optimized designs

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Senior Applications Engineer




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